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Auto Body Repair Services

We are a proud member of the South African Motor Body Repairs Association (SAMBRA). We have the highest grading Major Structural Repairer (MSR) in the country. Tekton Autobody is on the approved panel of all insurance and underwriting companies in South Africa.

Services Include:

  • Dedicated Structural and Mechanical Auto Repair Divisions (Passenger Vehicles, 4×4’s, LDV’s)

  • Specialised coating application (‘spray painting’)

  • Body panel alignment and configuration (‘panel beating services’)

  • Electronic 3D diagnostic measuring and certification

  • Paintless dent and minor scratch repair

  • Exceptional Client Service

You will never be uninformed at Tekton. Our highly experienced service advisers will ensure that your vehicle is restored and you are kept in the loop at all times. Call Nicole, she is waiting at the phone for your call.

We use the impressive Spanesi range of rack bench system, coupled with a computerised measuring system to handle major structural repairs. We are one of the few major structural repairers in Cape Town that use this state of the art Italian made equipment.

Our workshop has 4 dry flatting preparation bays and infrared curing systems to ensure that the panels are prepared for painting using the most technically advanced and up to date methods. Paintwork is carried out in dust free downdraught spray booths and curing ovens. We only use Standox paints which are 100% water based eco-friendly paints.

We take quality assurance very seriously – the buck stops here. QA is practiced at each stage in the repair process; we call it “quality at source”. The final QA process (before the vehicle and owner is reunited) is done with precision and care.

The assembly process is done by experienced technicians who see the end from the beginning when they do their jobs. Our just in time (JIT) procurement system for parts means that the right part is delivered at the right time for the correct vehicle.

Tekton Autobody Repairs Wynberg

Taking the term ‘transparency’ to a new level is one of the things we do best. With a showroom and workshop spanning approximately 3000 sq/m, our facilities boasts impressive quotation/assessment bays, state of the art equipment and machinery as well as a surrealistic customer lounge which overlooks the workshop allowing customers, suppliers and visitors an overview of the Tekton operations ultimately taking the term ‘transparency’ to a new level.
As the flagship, the Wynberg headquarters will navigate, guide and steer the Tekton ship through means of professional oversight ensuring that the same procedures, processes and guidelines are followed ensuring standards and criteria are adhered to in terms of quality of workmanship and customer service.

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Tekton Autobody Repairs Paarl

A brainwave, leading to an idea, leading to discussions and dialogue allowed for the quaint town of Paarl to welcome the ‘new kids on the block’ – Tekton Autobody Repairs. With the royal purple, sound of machinery echoing through the Boland Valley and the banners fluttering in the wind, Tekton has set its footprint firmly into the Paarl soil. Centrally located in the heart of Paarl along the Jan Van Riebeek Drive, Tekton Autobody Repairs Paarl extends it service offerings to clients, insurers and various stakeholders throughout the Boland region reaching the likes of Wellington, Franschhoek, Stellenbosch, Malmesbury and Worcester. Replicating a model already established initially will present numerous challenges however Malcolm Moothal and team have successful ensured that all risk factors have been identified and solutioned from inception to final outcome culminating in the establishment of Tekton Autobody Repairs Paarl. A workshop spanning approximately 2000 sq/m in this little town is almost unheard of; however, we now know, it can be done which poignantly reflects former US President Barack Obama’s motto —”Yes We Can!”

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Our highly experienced service advisers will ensure that your vehicle is restored and you are kept in the loop at all times. Call Nicole, she is waiting at the phone for your call.

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