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Executive Summary

Vision, determination, hard work and sacrifice culminated in the birth of Tekton Autobody Repairs by an entrepreneur who worked tirelessly to realize the dream of one day opening the doors into the once guarded world of Autobody Repairs.

Emalyne Naidoo together with Gregory Samson Moothal (also known as Malcolm) has built, molded and grown the brand into one of the largest and most respected Autobody Repairers in the Western Cape enabling the change of perceptions associated with Autobody Repairers. With a proven track record and the relationships created amongst the various stakeholders in the industry, Tekton proudly boasts associations with major manufacturers, insurers and various gatekeepers in the industry.

The business is positioned as a workforce of master craftsmen and women. Our internal purpose is “Quality Restoration Quickly”.

We believe in building brands and maintaining brand presence. This is the element that ensures sustainability of a business. One of our focus points is our effect on influencing the gatekeepers associated to Autobody Repairers. A non-traditional media mix is utilised to raise awareness of Tekton as the new player in town. The fact that we are situated on the main road ensures that we have both access and exposure.

Quality at the source is an approach to quality that places the responsibility for “catching errors” at each stage of the repair process. Successful implementation of this lean tool requires a major shift in how supervisors and operators look at quality as quality is not just the responsibility of the quality control department. Steps including new processes have been implemented to ensure that a proactive culture is applied allowing for a mind set of error prevention rather than reaction to issues/problems. Quality checks are implemented at each stage of the repair process rapidly diminishing the chances of defects. In this lean system, quality is everyone’s job!

  • A value added strategic partner, specialising in integrated electronic vehicle damage estimating to insurers, repairers and independent assessors.
  • Abuntex is a unique web-based platform specifically designed to accommodate all the activities that take place along the claims journey.
  • Courtesy vehicles offered to clients.
  • BBBEE Level 1—135%
  • Towing and breakdown services available 24/7.
  • Approved assessment centre.
  • Validated and approved by most major OEM’s .

Our Team

Malcolm Moothal


Emalyne Naidoo


Nicole Adams

Administration Manager

Shivesh Sewpal

Human Resources Manager

Terence Moodley

Compliance Manager

Raydon Maraj

General Manager

Operations Management

Mano Pillay


Wayne Scoble


Timothy Maans


Charl Carroll

Tekton West Coast t/a L&M Bakwerke

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